Quickly gain real-world experience by assisting nonprofits with short-term marketing & design projects.

Help a Nonprofit

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While a typical project is completed within a couple weeks, there are some projects that can be completed within 3-4 hours! The details of each project are worked out between the student and the nonprofit.


Gain vital real-world experience and professional references by helping nonprofits. Projects can be as short as 1-week. This is a great way to build your resume!


Imagine some of the ways you can engage your community by working with students to create and manage marketing campaigns. You might even save some money!


While nonprofits are amazing, they usually lack a detailed marketing strategy and the capacity to manage all of their ongoing marketing tasks. Some examples of these tasks include social media posting, website updates, designing flyers, creating a PR strategy, sending e-blasts, and managing a Google Grant. While every nonprofit would love to say they’ve got these areas covered — most do not. 

Outgood provides students the opportunity to 'outgood' themselves by helping a nonprofit on a pro bono, project-by-project basis.

Outgood Connects Students to Nonprofits

What Are You Waiting For?

How To Get Started

1.  Students will create a profile on OutGood that details their major and the kinds of services they’re interested in providing. Nonprofits will create a profile that details their various marketing/design needs. 

2. Once the profiles are submitted, Outgood staff will make connections based on preferences. Its then up to the student and nonprofit if they’d like to work together. You can also contact the Outgood staff if you’d like to speak to a couple more possible matches.

3.  At the end of the project, the student will create a short summary of their work and a review of their experience working with the nonprofit. Concurrently, the nonprofit will be asked to review the student to ensure they both benefited from the project.

Outgood is free to join, free to volunteer, and free to post projects. You can also stop whenever you’d like. So sign up now to make a difference in our community!



Questions? Email us at info@outgood.org

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